New to Bella Kai Yoga?

Welcome! We are so happy that you've decided to join us. Whatever your current fitness level or state of health, rest assured that by making the choice to come visit our studio and take one of our offerings, you are taking a forward step on your path towards total mind, body, and spirit health and wellness.

We guarantee that a regular practice at Bella Kai Yoga will change your life in the most wonderful ways.

Beginners are welcome at every class.
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If it is your first time visiting our studio, please come to class 10 minutes early to get acquainted with our space and to sign up with us.

Preparing for your first class

Proper hydration will dramatically Affect your first Bikram Yoga class and every class thereafter.

Though you may drink water during class as needed, this will serve mainly as a pacifier or refresher for the body. Hydration must occur in the 24-48 hour period before taking class.  Pure water and electrolyte beverages are best.

Arrive early to your first class. 

Give yourself ample time to register, change and sit in the yoga room for at least five minutes prior to start. This will allow your body time to acclimate to the heat and your mind time to decompress before class.

There is no talking in the yoga room at any time.

The period before and after class is reserved for silent meditation and relaxation. The class itself is a moving meditation during which only the instructor speaks.

If you have any injuries or medical concerns, talk to your instructor before class. that he/she may advise you as to any posture modifications or provide other information that may be helpful to you. Make sure to consult with your physician before coming to class.

Regardless of your first class experience, give yourself at least 3 classes truly gain an understanding of what Bella Kai Yoga can do for you.  


Take advantage of our New Student Special, available to first-time students at at the studio (Local residents only with Hawaii or military ID). 


New to Bella Kai with a Groupon?